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 Did you purchase a VMware eBook from the SCC Bookstore?  VMware eBooks have to be processed by SCC Bookstore Staff. Once your order is complete you will receive an email update. Follow these steps listed below for successful access to your course materials. 

  • Log in to your SCC Bookstore account with the username and password provided at checkout. This information is also sent via email to the email address provided. 
  • You will now arrive your account page. 
  • Click on the [ORDERS] tab below your username. 
  • Click on magnifying glass of the order that corresponds to the order placed for the eBook. 
  • You have now arrived at the details of your order. 
  • Scroll to the section of this order labeled "Order Comments"
  • Listed, you will find the instructions on how to access materials along with your unique code.


For your convenience, see below for an easier to read format of the instructions.

 Your eBook may be viewed by following the steps below:

  •  Create an account:
  • Go to http://www.gilmore.ca/eVantageRegistration/
  • Fill out the registration form and click Register
  • Read and accept the license agreement
  • Select continue
  • Redeem your code: 
  • Click on My Account, then click redeem
  • Copy and paste the code  below into where it says, Code To   Redeem, then click Redeem
  • You will now see the eBook on your Bookshelf Online Library



To install Bookshelf on your computer or mobile device:

  • http://evantagesupport.gilmoreglobal.com/
  • Internet access required on 1st login to sync eBook and Bookshelf
  • Click Bookshelf icon and sign in
  • Enter your email and password
  • Sign in
  • All titles, select eBook, and double-click
  • If you cannot see your eBook, select Account and Update Booklist
  • You should update booklist with each sign in to ensure up-to-date eBooks

Please note: eBooks are true electronic books and not downloadable PDFs.  These eBooks are viewable on a desktop/device and Bookshelf application only.

FOR SUPPORT:   1 800 795 6661    M-F 8am-5pm EST or:  http://evantagesupport.gilmoreglobal.com/