Textbook Alternative Program

Textbook Alternative Program or TAP is a program where course materials are integrated into SCC’s Learning Management System, Canvas so that they are available to students the first day of class; further, enhancing a student’s achievement in their course. This direct digital solution saves time and money, making course materials accessible through a computer, smartphone, or tablet. TAP takes out the steps of students having to go to alternate sources to find cheaper prices or the risk of students purchasing the wrong materials. Unlike alternative textbook models, with TAP students are guaranteed to have the correct materials at prices lower than the competitive market rate. If students choose to go to alternative sources for their course materials, they can choose to opt-out of TAP. To opt-out, you will click the opt-out feature within your Moodle account. The deadline to opt-out of TAP is the 10% point of the class they are currently enrolled in. Opting out of TAP is only for the current course in the current term. Students choosing to opt-out of TAP must do so for each course, each term. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • The cost of textbooks is affordable to students compared to traditional textbook models. 
  • Education outcomes for students are enhanced by making students prepared the first day of class. 
  • Savings under the TAP model can be up to 60%!

Courses using the TAP model for 2019  SUMMER



Course Title

Start Date

Opt-out Deadline

MAT -110





MAT - 143







MAT - 152







MAT - 171







MAT - 172











Still have questions? Here are some of our FAQ's and Answers!


What if I am a CCP student?

         a.                 CCP students should contact  Steve Cumming  at 704 991-0139 or Tammi McIlwaine at 704 991 0311 with any questions   regarding the TAP program and CCP students.  


When I registered for my course, I noticed that there is a charge of BKTAP and BKTAX. What are these charges? 

a.              These are the charges and related taxes for the electronic materials under the Textbook Alternative Program (TAP) you will receive for your course. These prices are at a contracted discount price from the respective vendor, meaning they are below fair market price.

So, if my course has course materials already included, do I have to go to the Bookstore?

a.              If you are taking a course that is under our TAP model, then no. You can skip the waiting in line and access your materials the first day of class within Canvas! For courses that are not using the TAP model, you will still need to purchase your materials as you normally would.

Am I able to get a physical copy of the textbook?

a.              You sure can! The Bookstore has in stock discounted loose-leaf options for students who prefer to have a physical book. Contact the Bookstore or stop by for additional information.

Who do I contact if I am having issues accessing the online content for TAP?

a.              The first step would be to contact your instructor, then if there is no resolution contact the publisher of the materials. Information for our most common publishers of materials is listed below. If you are unable to get assistance from the publisher or can’t find their information, please feel free to contact your instructor or the Bookstore by calling (704) 991-0229 or via email at bookstore@stanly.edu.

·   Pearson Higher Education – Ph: 800-922-0579 or https://support.pearson.com

·   McGraw-Hill Education – Ph: 800-331-5094 or https://mhedu.force.com/CXG/s/

·   Cengage Learning – Ph: 800-354-9706 or http://support.cengage.com/magellanweb/TechSupport/login.aspx

What if I already have the materials that are required for the course?

a.              After you have verified that what you have is what is required, you would choose the opt-out option within Canvas for TAP. The charges associated with the program will be refunded back to your account. You will then log in with the information that you already have, and add the course ID or other required information.


What is Opt Out?

a.              Opt out refers to choosing not to participate or carry on with the TAP model provided by SCC. If you decide that you do not want to participate in the TAP model you may choose to opt out of the program. Once you opt out you will be responsible for purchasing the materials on your own and often, at a higher price. Once you opt out of TAP, your access to the TAP materials will be revoked.

When is the opt-out deadline?

a.              The opt-out deadline for courses under the TAP model is the 10% point of the class. This deadline will vary according to the start date of your course. For exact opt-out dates, please log into your Canvas account and view the date under the opt-out button within Canvas.

What if I decide to opt out?

a.              If you decide that you would like to opt out of the TAP model offered by SCC, then you will do so by clicking the “Opt Out” button located within your Canvas account for courses that are using TAP. From there, the charges associated with TAP will be refunded back to your student account.

What if I have opted out and I want to get back into the TAP model?

a.              Not a problem! As long as you have opted out and you decide to opt back in prior to the deadline you can do so by clicking the opt-in feature within Canvas. After the opt-out deadline, this feature will not be available. 

I have dropped my course, do I still need to opt out?

a.                If you have dropped your course prior to the opt-out deadline (10% point) for your course, then no. You will automatically be opted out and not billed.


Will I be dropped from my course if I don’t pay the balance for my materials?

a.                As with any other balance on your student account, if it is not paid within the specified timeframe you will be dropped from your course. Any unpaid balance on your student account will also result in the inability to register for any upcoming semesters until the balance is resolved.

What if I am receiving financial aid or third party funds to cover my textbooks?

a.              No worries! You can still utilize TAP! The charges associated with TAP is just like coming into the Bookstore and making your purchase. If you require additional paperwork for the book charge, please contact the Bookstore at bookstore@stanly.edu or at (704) 991-0229.

The question I have is not on this list, what should I do now?

a.              It’s ok! Feel free to contact the SCC Bookstore by email at bookstore@stanly.edu or via phone at (704) 991-0229.