Refund Policy

Bookstore Refund Policy 

The Bookstore will accept textbooks and merchandise for a full refund under the following conditions:

1.       You must have your original receipt to make a return.

2.       Returns must be made within 14 calendar days from the purchase date. The merchandise and/or textbooks must be in the original packaging and unopened.

3.       Defective books or books sold in error of the SCC Bookstore will be accepted back for equal replacement or charge.

4.       Laptops, Tablets, Software, and other Electronics cannot be returned or exchanged. If you have any issues with your device, please contact the manufacturer. Stanly Community College Bookstore also does not work on these devices.

5.       Access codes or magnetic media cannot be returned if opened.

6.       Shipping charges on online orders will not be refunded.

7.       Refunds requested on the same day as the purchase will be processed using the same payment method. All other appropriate refunds will be processed by check and mailed to the address on file.

         8.  Access codes that are emailed to students are not eligible for a refund once the bookstore

              sends the email containing the code.