Ordering Procedures for Course Materials

Ordering Procedures 

The responsibility for selecting and preparing textbook adoption forms rests with the instructional staff. Once the selection of a textbook has been made, the textbook adoption form is submitted to the appropriate program head for approval. The program head will submit approved textbook adoption forms to the SCC Bookstore. It is vital that the estimated number of textbooks requested be as accurate as possible. The textbook adoption form must provide complete information with regard to author, title, publisher, edition, ISBN, course information etc. Any supplemental materials required for classes should also be included on the textbook adoption form. This is important to ensure all course materials are available to students.  Only official forms will be accepted. All textbook orders will flow through the SCC Bookstore. Under no circumstances should a faculty or staff member place a textbook order by any other procedure

Sufficient lead time must be provided if books are to be available on the first day of classes. The schedule for textbook adoption follows the timeline for production of the semester schedules. It is the goal of the Bookstore to ensure books are available on the first day of classes.

As course sections are added after textbook adoption due date, the program head will notify the Bookstore immediately via email, so that additional texts can be ordered and received for the start of class.

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