Complimentary Desk Copies

Need a Desk Copy for your course?


If you are in need of a desk copy for your course, contact your publisher representative. Generally, publishers will not honor this type of request from Bookstores. If you contact your publisher and they can not arrange for you to receive a copy, please visit the Bookstore. We can arrange to have one purchased from your department. 


Publishers often forward copies of complimentary textbooks to faculty for review and comment, or for use as a personal reference within their instructional areas. Faculty receives these complimentary copies of textbooks as representatives of Stanly Community College; therefore, these texts are considered gifts to Stanly Community College and become College property. Instructors can utilize these textbooks with the following guidelines:

  1. Complimentary textbook may be used as reference materials.
  2. Complimentary textbooks may be given to the LRC, Academic Support Center, or Crutchfield Center.

Complimentary textbooks may not be sold, given away, or used in any way that might violate copyright procedure. Should an instructor leave the College, complimentary textbooks remain the property of the College.