Book Buyback... How It All Works, To Help You!


Did you know that the SCC Bookstore has Book Buybacks at the beginning and end of terms?

See below for the most frequently asked questions regarding Book Buyback. 


Q: When does the store buy books back?

A: The Bookstore will have designated times and days for Book Buybacks. These will be posted on campus and through our social media links. 

Q: I am worried about the condition of my textbook. How do I know I can sell it at Buyback?

A: Any book being sold back must be in good shape, with binding, covers and every page intact. Excessive highlighting, underlining or other markings may decrease a book's buyback value. 

Q: How much will I get for my textbooks? 

A: The books that are bought through our Book Buybacks are determined by a wholesale and retail list, and the prices vary.

 Q: Do I have to be an SCC Student to sell my books back?

A: No, absolutely not. Furthermore, you don't have to buy your books from us to sell them to us! 

Q: Do I need the receipt from when I purchased my book to bring them to Buyback?

 A: Absolutely not! Just bring your books by for the extra cash!

Q: What is an ISBN?

A: An ISBN is a unique number specific to a particular title and edition of a book. You can find the ISBN on the back cover of your textbook. The ISBN is the best way to identify your textbook. 

Q: Why did I pay so much for this textbook, only to get nothing at Buyback?

A: Textbooks go out of print, and when they do they no longer have a market value. The demand for a particular book may also influence the price you will be offered. 

Q: My friend sold this same textbook this morning. Now you're telling me I can't sell mine?

A: Sometimes this may happen. When it does, that means that the Wholesaler or the Bookstore has met their quota of the textbooks and are no longer buying that title.